All the Good Things


Springtime flowers, springtime blooms
As the world blossoms up
Living in the present moment
Feeling sun on our skin
Peeling off the mask of winter
Flinging masks up to the bright blue sky

My community, my community
We held each other up
Day after day, we sway
Lifting each other up
Nature granted us relief
Caressed us with her sweet fresh air

All the good things
They were always there
Slowness of the winter days
Brought them back to light
Now they are within our sight
We will say goodbye to the winter night
My community, my community
They remain with me, standing tall
With them, I am not afraid to fall
Together we stand strong
Looking forwards, all along.

All the good things
They were always there
We missed them somehow in the rush of life
Until we had to stop.

All the good things
A long dinner, a slow walk in the park, watching TV snuggled on the couch
Not going anywhere
Because there wasn’t anywhere to go.

All the good things
They’re still here as the world comes back to life
We just have to remember to hold on to them.

It’s been a year, but can you feel
All the good things that survived?
It was spring, so much lost, but
Earth traversed full circle.
Today is new.
Cold winds dispelled.
Sun soaks shadows that
Fade from forgotten corners.
Sleepy plans awaken from quarantine.
The pulse of spring is palpable,
Flowers emerge, open-faced, while
Birds sing in synchrony
That the good things have survived.
All the good things are among us.
All the good things still remain.

Author Bio

This poem was collaboratively written by participants in the Voices from the Edge workshop led by Christopher Johnston. Participants included Diane Adloff, Milana Bogorodskaya, Joyce Bovee, Brennin Brown, Carla Carraway, George Cooper, Barry Kaschner, Brian Kenney, Christen Lee, Nicole Lighthouse, Kelly Lobb, Mikaila Manesh, Anita Mckaney, Kimberly Pritchard, Keba Turner, and Shiesha Wachira.

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